Unity插件 – 角色控制器 DOTS Character Controller

“Rival is a DOTS role controller built for scalability and performance, with the network in mind. It comes with a sample project that includes a 3D platform game and an online FPS.

This is a DOTS asset that uses DOTS physics. It is only compatible with projects that are also physically built using DOTS You must use Unity 2020.3 for DOTS development (not an old version or a new version). As long as DOTS itself is in preview state, the asset will be in preview state. Before Rival reaches v1.0, its API may change to keep up with DOTS’s progress.

Rival comes with an optional Samples project. Examples include 3D platform games, online FPS games, stress testing scenarios, and basic playgrounds with vehicles and various physical interactions.


Character Characteristics


The following are some of the core functions supported by Rival:

continuous collision detection captures any convex collider shape that the ground (or does not) support any gravity or character direction supports the character (Capsules, boxes, cylinders, etc.) Prevent walking on steep slopes from accepting external forces Use code to filter out conflicts Use code to prevent grounding of certain entities Custom speed projection method Step processing Prevent grounding based on slope change angle to prevent grounding Standing and being pushed by moving rigid bodies (mobile platforms) Standing, pushed and pushed by dynamic rigid bodies

Official website link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/rival-dots-character-controller-195567