Unity插件 – 绘制插件 ALINE

2024.02.29 Updated plug-in version

File size: 904.4 KB

Version: 1.7.4

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.40 or higher

ALINE can completely replace Unity’s built-in Debug.Draw and Gizmo drawing capabilities and all other drawing needs. It is faster, more feature-rich, and has higher rendering quality. Are


tired of Unity’s limited and inconsistent drawing APIs? Did

ever want to debug a Burst or ESC task by drawing debug lines in it?

even want to be drawn in indie games? Or want to make a level editor?


can use ALINE to achieve all these effects!


feature highlights-more drawing of raw objects-simple, flexible and consistent API-high performance. Generally significantly superior to Unity’s API-drawing from within the Burst/ESC task for easy debugging. – Render in independent games. If you want to make a level editor or create a science fiction look in-game, this is the best choice-even without MSAA or any other type of post-processing, you can still present perfect anti-aliasing lines-well-documented