Unity鎻掍欢 鈥 椋庢牸鍖栧姩鎬佹按鏁堟灉 Dynamic Effects for Stylized Water 2 (Extension)

File size: 6.4MB

Version: 1.1.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.16 or higher

Resource Pack Dependencies: Stylized Water2 (v1.6.0+) assets need to be installed!


extend Stylized Water 2 resources with frameworks to add dynamic and interactive effects such as ripples, wakes, and coastal waves.


unleash the full potential of the water through local effects, responding to your creativity, enhancing the environment and supporting game feedback.

dynamic effects are regular scene objects such as meshes, particles, lines, and trajectories, but use specialized shaders to project them onto the water.

You can place them anywhere in any way, and they can add (vertical) displacement and/or surface foam to create a variety of effects. This extension to

Stylized Water 2 adds a rendering framework, but also aims to use it to provide and further develop pre-built effects. Features of



路Use particle effects and trajectories to push water up and/or add surface foam.

路Recalculate the normals, which means that the effect will correctly affect the shadow of the water.

include prefabricated:

路Beach coastline wave effects

路Stern flow effects (based on trajectory and particles)

路Ripple trajectory effects (such as swimming characters)

路Impact ripple effect (For example, an object falls into the water)



路Waterfall impact ripples

路Directional ripples