Unity插件 – 动态灯光和阴影 2DDL Pro : 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows

File size: 6.2MB

Version: 1.4.19

Original Unity Version: 2017.3.0 or later

Create AAA quality 2D lighting and shadow effects for your wonderful games.

** Radial or point-like.

** Very simple and intuitive checker, you can prototype in one second.

**”What you see in the editor is what you get in the game view”, so you don’t have to worry about surprises in the final result.

** intelligently detects new objects, just use any collider2D drag wizard to immediately see shadows.

** Visibility in view and event interception. It’s very simple, just drag your game objects to the list on the right to detect them.

** alpha mask in fog of war technology. Let the player see what you want.

** Light effect customization with a large number of built-in add-ons.

** URP (LWRP) support and legacy support. In addition to URP, you can also use the standard rendering pipeline (older version) and do not need to be attached to the URP to work like the Unity 2D lighting system.

** Normal mapping support (including generator!).

** Our support is 24×7. We have a ticketing system like Unity supports, so every question will be answered and it will never be lost. If you have questions, even stupid questions, don’t worry, just ask!