Unity插件 – 动态阴影插件 Next-Gen Soft-Shadows

2024.04.17 Updated plug-in version

File Size: 5.9 MB


Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or higher

NGSS enhances scene shadows with new tools, algorithms and optimizations. It is used for top-level games and can provide movie-quality shadows in real time without performance issues. Support for Unity 2023+.

The next iteration of Unity’s smoothest and fastest dynamic soft shading solution is here. Easier to integrate, faster to render, and more beautiful than previous versions! Features powerful new tools, shadow algorithms, optimizations and user-friendly self-describing lighting components to improve the quality of scene lighting. NGSS is Unity’s complete shadow replacement plug-in for top open world games such as Facepunch Rust, Amplify Creations Decade Of Logos, etc. NGSS is a one-stop way to improve the shadow quality of your project to movie CGI levels without any performance flaws, in real time! Everyone agrees that the Unity Shadow should look like this!