Unity插件 – 动态天空系统 Altos: Sky, Clouds, and Weather for URP

2023.12.16 newer version

file size: 124.0 MB

version: 7.6.1

original Unity version: 2021.3.0 or higher

Altos is a dynamic sky system with volume clouds and a configurable day and night system.

Altos enables you to bring a lifelike, immersive sky to the game.

more than 20000 game developers believe OccaSoftware can provide Unity with the highest quality resources. Altos is our leading sky system.

volume cloud

Altos allows you to add volume clouds to your scene. These clouds are physically based, beautifully rendered and highly configurable.

dynamic sky box

Altos provides a dynamic sky box that is fully integrated with the day and night system. The dynamic Sky Box feature gives you complete control over the appearance of the sky, allowing you to configure the sun color, fog effect, and sky color at any time of the day. ” The

day and night system

day and night loop feature allows you to easily configure keyframes to control the appearance of the sky at any time of the day, and you can use built-in callbacks to trigger events.

Sky object rendering

Altos also includes a Sky object system that allows you to add dynamic objects such as planets and moons to your scene and position them using the Orbital Viewer.

starry sky rendering

Altos can render tens of thousands of stars. Altos uses real-world star data to set the color and brightness of stars. Altos starlight rendering is based on physical phenomena, such as the way starlight flashes most on the horizon.

High performance

Altos has been carefully designed and optimized to achieve a performance analysis of less than 2 milliseconds using medium quality settings.

you can also use built-in performance controls to control the performance impact and ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Altos is designed for Unity 2021.3 LTS. Altos is designed for URP. Altos has been tested on various platforms and has a wide range of compatibility. Altos is not compatible with VR Altos recommended for use with high-end game consoles and PC