Unity插件 – 动态天空系统 Sky Master

File size: 366.8 mb

Version: 1.7.1

Original Unity Version: 4.3.4 or higher

Create spectacular skies, dynamic clouds and weather systems that change with the time of day and the seasons. Compatible with indirect lighting of the global lighting proxy system.

The system is designed to provide realistic sky and weather effects, including seasons and dynamic clouds, that can be scaled based on hardware goals. Sky Master is available on all platforms as well as Unity Free and Pro.


-New (v1.5)-Fully integrated with Unity 5 and all its features (IBL, GI, SkyBox) with the new SkyBox mode. – New (v1.5)-Artistic dynamic effects in sky shadows (such as hot fog flashes, tan)-New (v1.5)-New performance-oriented shaders and asset packs and more ready-to-use prefab. – New (v1.5)-Volume scattering fog shading for meshes and Unity terrain-Real Sky-Physically-based atmospheric scattering for realistic sky renderings and artistic effects. Real clouds-dynamic clouds influenced by seasons and winds. Volume particle clouds and fog. Get ready to fly there. – Real solar ray-Dynamic solar beam with smooth transition and blocking system. – Real weather-Seasonal control of weather effects, smooth transition-Real storms-Storm simulations with dynamic cloud fronts, lightning and lighting effects-Real tornadoes-Dynamic controllable tornadoes-Real volcanoes-Realistic volcanic eruptions, smoke and lava flows.

This framework is written in C#code and provides the source code.