, Unity插件 – 动态水系统插件 Dynamic Water Physics 2,


2023.06.19 updated plug-in version

file size: 277.6 MB

version: v2.19

support Unity version: 2020.3.8 or higher



this asset is a physical asset and is designed to be independent of the rendering pipeline. However, the included demo plane water shader reflection does not apply to URP or HDRP, which means that a third-party water shader must be used in this case.

describes Dynamic Water Physics 2 as a water object interaction simulator that uses grid data to simulate buoyancy and hydrodynamics, and is suitable for objects of any shape and size, moving or static. DWP2 was completely rewritten from the previous version in order to take advantage of the latest features of Unity and achieve better performance. The main features are fast and easy to set: it can be set manually or through an one-click wizard. You can simulate an object of any shape or size, as long as it has a mesh. Highly optimized. The average time per object in the demo scene is about 0.02ms CPU time, and the total amount of 70 objects is about 1.2ms. (wave performance depends on the third-party resources used.) use Burst-enabled Unity Jobs to take full advantage of CPU multicore features. Water objects are rigid bodies and can interact with water only when external forces are used. No translation or rotation is required. Use the built-in algorithm to generate a simplified simulation mesh, even with a high polygon model without affecting performance. Suitable for desktops and mobile. Applies to any forward object scaling. It can be used underwater. The water effect is suitable for any flat water surface and is automatically generated using simulation data. Contains all the C# source code and manuals included in the demo. Ship controllers can be used with water objects to create navigable ships.

submarine has additional scripts.

there are several engines with sound effects inside and outside the ship.

bow and stern thrusters.

multiple rudders.

supports water ripple: Crest (free)

Ocean Community Next Gen (free)

Ceto Ocean (free)

Rex water

SUIMONO water system

plane water: all plane water resources (AQUAS, Stylized Water Shader, etc.)