Unity插件 – 角色移动 Easy Character Movement

file size: 26.3 mb

version: 1.8.2

original Unity version: 2019.4.28 or higher

Easy Character Movement is a feature-rich, high-performance but incredibly easy-to-use rigid body-based character controller.

it can be used for any type of character, from players to NPC to enemies, as well as a wide range of games, such as platform games, first-person, third-person, adventure, click, and so on!

if you are looking for a simple, efficient, and flexible role controller for your next project, please let Easy Character Movement serve you.


based on rigid body character controller.

capsule-based role Collider. The

supports steps, and the character can walk on any surface of the maximum degree, if necessary.

variable jump height.

configurable air jump. From zero to infinity.

crouching support.

pauses / resumes the character’s physical interaction.

is a high-performance, feature-rich grounding detection component that detects, reports and queries multiple grounding cases.

the bottom of the flat-bottomed capsule. This avoids the slow descent of the character from one side of the ledge.

configurable shelf offset. This sets how close / far a character can stand on the windowsill without falling.

ground capture. This helps keep the character on the ground, no matter how fast it runs instead of starting the ramp.

moves and rotates on the dynamic platform.

stays on the ramp. Maintain the same speed on the straight line and the slope


. Glide on a steep slope (if necessary). Agent’s basic controller (NavMeshAgent).

the basic controller of the first person perspective.

Solid Root Motion support.

facing the ground ramp.

easily integrated into existing projects.

fully annotated C # source code. Clear, readable and easy to modify.

is mobile-friendly.

garbage collector is friendly.


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