, Unity插件 – 简易网格生成器 Easy Grid Builder Pro,


2024.05.27 update plug-in version

file size: 12.9 MB

version: 1.1.1

original Unity version: 2021.3.10 or higher

Easy Grid Builder Pro is the most complete and easy-to-use Unity grid-based construction solution. It can be easily extended without a single line of code and supports any type of 2D and 3D games.

Easy Grid Builder Pro is a highly customizable modular grid-based build system with built-in support for 2D and 3D games and support for any camera view.

unique features

2D and 3D support for multi-dimensional meshes. Multi-grid support. The latest v1.1.0 version supports modular construction. Set up buildable preforms + automatic rotation and scaling calculations in a few seconds. Built-in support for switching between controllers. Build objects vertically using the vertical grid level. Highly customizable four unique grid vision systems. Automatically updated UI system. Just drag and drop. A system of construction conditions that is easy to expand.

sets up the object that can be built in a few seconds: one click automatically calculates the pivot and scaling of the object. Easily customize and give unique functionality to each object.

supports all types of object placement from modular houses to the larger world (grid cell-based placement, free area-based placement, grid cell edge-based placement)

simply customize any part of the grid: the grid system allows users to customize all aspects of the grid and visual effects of a component in editor mode and playback mode.

is extremely fast and supports 100 million units: the system is highly optimized to provide four different visual feedback systems that can be used in different use cases. Canvas-based systems allow you to use more than 100 million grid cells and an extremely wide world.

is easy to use: a custom editor for all content. You don’t need a line of code. Experienced developers can also easily extend through custom scripts.

is suitable for any type of project: examples: urban construction games, simulation games, RTS games, and any game that requires players to place objects at runtime.

Note: show videos and images using 3D models from third-party Synty resource packs. These models are not included in the package. Instead, it includes different models.