Unity插件 – EasyRoads3D 演示项目

File size: 1.7 GB

Version: 2.3f1

Original Unity Version: 2018.3.0 or later

This demonstration package is a useful resource for familiarizing yourself with all the features of EasyRoads3D. It contains other road types and various side objects seen in various tutorial videos. Important note for

: This EasyRoads3D Pro demonstration pack is a free supplement to the EasyRoads3D Pro pack available on the Unity Asset Store. First get EasyRoads3D Pro, a demonstration package with additional side objects and road type examples that will download


for free. The package contains two scenes, v3.1 scene and v3.2+ scene. The first scene includes various highlighted areas that include links to tutorials on our website that demonstrate how to use EasyRoads3D. These tutorials cover the more advanced features of the EasyRoads3D package. The v3.2+ scene is in progress, and automatically generated side objects are introduced in v3.2.

Please note that this package is intended for learning purposes to familiarize yourself with the tool. The scenarios have not been optimized and do contain a variety of more complex objects for high-end machines. The package will be updated regularly to provide more content and tutorials. It is recommended to import it in a new project.

This package contains the v3.3 beta version.