Unity插件 – 编辑器扩展插件 QuickNav

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Version: 1.5.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.33 or later

QuickNav is a Unity editor extension that allows you to jump back and forth through navigation history. You can record historical items as favorites and open them directly in the inspector.

In Unity, from time to time you have to switch back and forth between resources to configure them dependently on each other. Whether it’s texture allocation, material allocation, anything you can think of. With 2 assets, you can help yourself hire 2 inspectors and lock in one inspector. However, this has become very boring, limited, and can only end there. Another thing is that you occasionally want to switch back and forth in history. Just as common in modern browsers. The Unity editor does not yet have this feature. In addition, Unity’s own internal favorites mechanism is also very limited.

Features of this asset include:

Navigates historical favorites list Ping items, i.e. select them to check items, i.e. select them and open them in the inspector Add historical items to favorites Add current selections to favorites Support items and ScenariesFavorites listReorderables Open file (scene, C#, image) separator Drag and drop multiple items into favorites