, Unity插件 – 面部跟踪解析插件 Face Analyzer,


file size: 581.3 MB

version: 2.2

support Unity version: 2018.4.23 or higher

Face Analyzer is a deep learning-based face analyzer plug-in, trained in 1500000 data sets and OpenCV/NCNN API for Unity C#.

it provides:

1) 51 racquettes 84 facial feature detection

2) head posture estimation (roll, (pitching and tilting)

3) gender estimation (male / female)

4) Age estimation (0,99)

5) racial discrimination (white / black / Asian / Indian / other)

6) bald estimation (bald or non-bald)

7) blond hair estimation (blond or non-blond)

8) glasses detection (with or without glasses)

9) Hat detection (with or without hat)

10) facial expression estimation (expressionless, Happy, sad, scared, nauseous, angry and surprised) [this is a beta version]

11) lightweight OpenCV API for Unity C# (https://opencv.org) Only core, imgproc and dnn modules are available.

(if you need more OpenCV modules, please feel free to contact us:)

12) NCNN API (https://github.com/Tencent/ncnn)

13) for Unity C# works offline without server

14) various AR sticker examples

trained deep learning model is also lightweight.

facial features (and head posture) model size is only 3.8MB, facial attribute model size (sex, age, race, baldness, blond hair, glasses, hat) is only 14.6MB. The size of the facial expression model is only 8.89MB.

wb: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/add-ons/machinelearning/face-analyzer-facial-landmarks-pose-gender-age-race-eyeglasses-h-163114