, Unity插件 – 牧场引擎 Farming Engine,


file size: 34.9 MB

version: 1.17

original Unity version: 2020.3.37 or higher

Agricultural engine is a game template for creating your own agricultural or simulation games. It includes inventory, production, construction, planting plants, livestock, preservation systems, and so on.

everything you need to create your own agriculture or simulation games. Add new items, buildings, plants, and animals from the Unity inspector, redesign the skin with your own model, customize the code according to your needs, and become the best farmer!


-player control (mouse, mobile touch, keyboard and game console).

-top-down, third-person or first-person

-inventory system

-production system

-equipment (attached to the role)

-resource collection

-role attributes (health, energy. )

-agriculture (sowing, plant / fruit growth, hoe, watering)

-livestock (food, planting, production)

-wildlife behaviour (wandering, escaping, Chase)

-hunting and fishing

-eating and cooking

-NPC store to buy / sell items

-combat (damage and life)

-item durability and food deterioration

-storage box (chest)

-pet (follow, Attack and mining behavior)


-leveling system and XP

-reward effect (consumables or equipment that increases statistics).

– customizable operation (simplified way to include your own code)

– race clock, day and night cycle

– save / load system

art assets:

– animated characters (male and female)

– animated animals (cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, deer, bears, squirrels, birds … )

-basic materials (wood, grass, rock, hay… )

-collecting tools (hoes, sickles, axes, picks, fishing rods… )

-Food (berries, apples, nuts, meat, fish. )

-cooked food (tacos, popcorn, bread … )

-buildings (fences, barbecue grills, boxes) )

-Environment (trees, bushes, rocks, floor patterns. )

-grow plants (strawberries, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, wheat … )

-town model (lights, benches, houses, shop stalls … )

-all 2D icons of the interactive model