Unity插件 – 文件浏览器插件 File Browser PRO

2024.02.01 Updated version

File Size: 4.8MB

Version: 2024.1.0

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.34 or later

. It also supports custom file browsers making it available on any platform! In addition, it provides methods to load and save files, search for files, and edit files using the operating system’s default applications. Characteristics of


: File system operations·Open files/folders and Supports save file dialog box·Multiple file selections·Select multiple folders on macOS and Linux·Load and save file data (Including built-in support for image and text files)·Search for files·Get the location of the device’s drives and folders·Open files or folder locations·Copy or move files and folders·Use the default application to edit files

·Synchronous and asynchronous (non-blocking) methods·File extension filter·Extend it

documents and controls with a custom file browser·Test all dialogs in the editor·Powerful APIs for maximum control·Detailed presentation scenarios·Comprehensive documentation·Complete source code (including library) compatibility·Available for Windows, macOS,