Unity插件 – 第一人称角色系统 First Person Character System

File size:5.2 MB


Original Unity Version:2021.3.8 or higher

The first-person character system is an ideal solution to implement in your project, allowing smooth and intuitive movements and functions.

Use the system to add simple and effective first-person actions to your game.

This system is compatible with Unity’s Mechanim system and can easily create animations.

The system is designed to be drag-and-drop, which means you don’t need to make any coding or changes.


-a character controller based on first-person motion and camera.

-Squatting feature that uses a light casting system to check when a player can stand or squat and when he cannot to ensure a smooth transition.

-Jumping function using custom gravity.

-Walking and running functions have degenerative and regenerative endurance. Players can only run and jump if they have endurance.

-includes the player’s health system and fall injuries.

-Includes an easy-to-replace animated character resource with idle and walking animations of idle, walking and running, as well as fall and squatting.

-Use Mechanim to achieve simple animations.

-Includes a prefabricated and easy-to-change interface system that displays vital signs and enhancements.

-includes sprint and jump improvements and health points.


-include destructive and therapeutic colliders.

-Assign your own keys to the functions available in the system.

-Easy to use system

-Including documentation

-Good performance; good performance