Unity插件 – 第一人称跑酷系统 First-Person Parkour System v2.0 for Playmaker

file size: 17.5 mb

version 2.0.

Original Unity version: 2019.4.0 or later

must have Playmaker and DOTween! The package


is fully customizable. Each Playmaker FSM is named and commented on.

You should always back up your projects before downloading a new version. It is your responsibility to back up your projects before updates.


version 2.0 is now available.


Featuresˇ Fully animated bodyˇ squatting


ˇ Running and glidingˇ Climbing abilityˇ Climbing jumpˇ Climbing down

ˇPole balance ˇ Side walking pointsˇ Sliding rope

ˇ Climbingˇ Normal, soft, hard and death landing detectionˇ Interactive objectsˇ Speed effectsˇ NEW Wall Runningˇ New Swing BarˇNew Pipe Climbing animationsˇ Rotating animation in free time