Unity插件 – 飞行竞技游戏开发模板 Airplane Race Creator

File size: 851.3MB

Version: 1.0.2

Support Unity Version: 2021.1.21 or higher

Airplane Race Creator is a complete set for creating competitions from aircraft, spacecraft, flying camels, or anything you want.


do not require any code, everything is completely customizable.

This version is not compatible with HDRP /Built-in/Mobile/ VR.

include complete game demos

During the asset creation process, we developed a complete game demos to test different features. This demonstration allowed us to test the fun, robustness and presence of all the features needed for a complete game. The presentation is included in the asset.

Features you can find in assets:

-Complete competition system

-Aircraft controller (keyboard and pad)

-Booster cooling system

-Enemy artificial intelligence

-Concealment system, equipped with 5 weapons (Machine guns, missiles, mines, shields and repairs)

-Alternative routes

-Solo and Battle Modes

-3 game modes (Championships, arcade and time trial)

-3 difficulty levels

-Local leaderboard

-Unlock system: Items or tracks are unlocked as the player progresses

-Countdown system

-Save system

-Prepare to use interface

-Settings menu: Input, graphics quality, volume (music, atmosphere, sound effects) and language

-localization system

-menu conversion

-includes aircraft + desert environment 3d model

-includes sound effects (music tracks used in the presentation are not included in this asset)