Unity插件 – 流体模拟插件 Fluid Flow 2

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Version: 2.3

Support Unity Version: 2020.3.34 or higher

Fluid flow allows you to draw fluid onto an object in real time and simulate it flowing dynamically along a surface. Use it in blood, paint or any other type of liquid.


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Fluid Flow is dynamic fluid simulation.

However, you can also use it only for real-time 3D texture painting/decals, and it also supports the skinned mesh renderer.

Because of its modular structure, you can decide which parts of Fluid Flow to use without unnecessarily expanding your project.

texture rendering and stream simulation are processed entirely on the GPU for optimal performance.

Fluid Flow is not a 100% physically accurate fluid simulation, but it provides beautiful fluid for your game at a very low performance cost!

Because you draw and simulate fluids in UV space, your mesh needs to use non-overlapping UV islands for UV unfolding, so there is a 1:1 correlation between the object’s surface and texture.

You can also configure Fluid Flow to use lightmapped UV sets, which can be automatically generated by unity.

Note that your object requires a special shader to cover the fluid, or when using the Texture Atlas system.


include basic surface and shader graphics shaders. Alternatively, you can easily create your own supported shaders using the provided custom shader graphics nodes or shader utility functions.

were successfully tested on windows, android and WebGL.