Unity插件 – FPS游戏开发模板工具包 NeoFPS: FPS Controller, Template & Toolkit

2024.03.21 Updated plug-in version

File size: 377 mb

Version: 1.1.28b

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.36 or later

NeoFPS is designed to give you complete control of the feel of FPS games. It includes powerful tools to create movements, guns, interactions and more.

Do you want to know how to create FPS games with Unity? Have you tried building Unity FPS and realized it was much more than you expected? Make your FPS vision a reality with assets that solve most of the problems you encounter when building beautiful FPS games. NeoFPS is more than just a character controller. It is a complete system that works collaboratively to create FPS. From sports and weapons, to in-game menus and quick saves/loads. Main characteristics of

: The core development goals of

NeoFPS are flexibility, scalability and control. It allows you to accurately meet your FPS design goals or try new ideas. The core of

NeoFPS is a powerful “motion map” visual FSM editor for simulating first-person movements, located on top of a custom kinematic character controller. Combined with powerful camera settings and modular gun systems, NeoFPS can build impressive FPS mechanisms right out of the box.


firearms are assembled from various modules that define their behavior, such as different sights or loaders. They are then animated through a combination of keyframe animation and procedural animation functions. A variety of custom shaders are available for rendering texture ranges or projecting holographic sights (including URP and HDRP variants).

A complete save game system allows you to use quick save and load to save everything, including bullets in flight. Alternatively, you can selectively save data at checkpoints or retain data such as health and inventory between scene changes.