Unity插件 – 地形景观生成插件 Gaia Pro 2023 – Terrain & Scene Generator

File size: 4.7 GB

Version: 4.0.5

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.0 or higher

Create an amazing 3D world in minutes with Gaia Pro 2023!

New and updated features for Gaia Pro 2023:

removes legacy content and systems. Improved runtime system: decoupling components, simplifying. Modular installation saves space, reduces import time and build size. The Project Settings Panel lists project issues and provides automatic fixes. Support for Unity’s new first-person and third-person character controllers. Support and continued development of Unity 2022.3 and higher. Supports Unity’s GPU instantiation of terrain detail (grass) rendering. Support assembly definition files to speed up compilation time. Reorganize the folder structure to comply with best practices. Removed reliance on Unity’s old input system. Integrate Unity’s new HDRP Water system. Improved rendering pipeline setup process. New HDRP lighting presets.