Unity插件 – 游戏动作重播系统 Ultimate Replay

File size: 77.0 MB

Version: 3.1.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.6 or later

Ultimate Replay 3.0 is a complete state-based replay system designed to add kill cameras or action replays to your games as easily as possible. The


makes it quick and easy to set up/integrate into existing projects. Simple API-requires minimal scripting knowledge. Highly scalable-create custom replay components, etc. Record and replay any number of different objects simultaneously. State-based-View playback from any camera in real time. Prefab to support instantiation/destruction. Interpolation support-Record at 5fps or lower and maintain smooth playback. Supports playback at any speed. Support playback. Support pause/resume playback and recording. Search allows you to jump to any point in the replay. Recording objects is as simple as attaching playback components. Built-in support for recording transforms, audio, particles, animations, etc. Memory records can be set as continuous or rolling buffers. Use optimized binary format or json’s file and stream support. ReplayVars allows you to simply use properties to record script variables. Get useful tips on storage space requirements for all replay objects. Includes sample GUI controls for fast recording and playback.