Unity插件 – 游戏角色创建插件 Character Creator 2D

File size: 26.1MB

Version: 1.95

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.0 or later

Easily create and customize 2D characters for your game. You can create anything from simple farmers to epic heroes with Character Creator 2D. Equipment can be colored, giving you more freedom and creativity when creating characters. You can also equip and color parts at runtime. The resource pack comes with a UI that allows you to create and save characters in the editor. You can also modify and use the UI when creating a game character.

Features: ● Create 2D humanoid characters ● Colored equipment ● Adjustable body slides ● Facial expressions/emotions ● Include animation ● Character creation UI ● Run-time character customization ● Save as prefabricated ● Save as JSON ● Export to PNG ● Add your own parts and equipment ● Include templates and guides