Unity插件 – 游戏创造者扩展包 Game Creator 2 Expansion Pack

File size: 49.3 MB

Version: 1.4.1

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.14 or later

This resource contains more than 100 new instructions that can be used with Game Creator 2 (2.13 and later) and 5 detailed examples. Now there is a mini map! Description

This resource contains more than 100 new and exciting Game Creator 2 descriptions. They include:

11 x audio (Audio sources, streaming media, etc.) 3 x camera (Mirrors, objects, rotations) 6 x environment (lights, sky box, etc.) 16 x game objects (drag, generate, etc.) 7 x lights (Set, blink, follow, look) 5 x logic (Collider size, repeat) 14 x map (Mini map, full screen, navigation compass) 6 x Physical 3D (Rigid-body drag, attraction, and repulsion) 12 x random (instructions, objects, wait, etc.) 6 x renderer (highlight objects) 8 x Textmesh Pro 3D (settings, rotation, observation, etc.) 3 x time (timescale and timer) 6 x video (renderer, URL, etc.)

This resource also includes the above 17 custom propertyDrawers and 3 custom attributes. There are also 6 detailed example scenarios and 1 audio component.