Unity插件 – 游戏数据统计插件 Stats 2 | Game Creator 2

2024.03.13 Updated version

File size: 6.4 MB

Version: 2.6.16

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.11 or higher

Stats 2 is the perfect tool for designing your own RPG game!

This module requires Game Creator 2 to run.

Use custom character categories, formulas, status effects, etc. to upgrade your game and create your own RPG system! The




classes define the characteristics of the role. There can be two types:

-Statistics: Values that define the proficiency level of the role.

-Attribute: Values defined within a certain range, such as health, mana, or endurance.

status effects are positive or negative diseases that have effects over their lifetime and can be superimposed.

For example, when the status effect is activated, the poison will deal damage to the affected target. The


formulas are powerful mathematical expressions that link statistics and attributes from multiple sources to create output and can be used in a variety of situations:

-calculates the damage done to enemies based on their defense values.


-skills check for movements such as unlocking.

-The progress of a character depends on its level. The

schedule helps designers calculate values based on charts. The most common scenario is to retrieve a character’s Level from the character’s accumulated Experience. The

statistical modifier can increase or decrease specific statistics by a fixed amount or based on a percentage. An example of


shows how to use a statistical modifier to increase strength statistics when equipping a sword.


support saving and loading out of the box and are highly integrated with Game Creator’s visual scripts.


source code examples and templates