Unity插件 – 游戏引擎块 Blocks Engine 2

2023.07.01 Updated plug-in version

File size: 4.7MB

Version: 2.12.1

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.44 or higher

Use Blocks Engine 2 to add a visual coding interface to your game. Friendly and customizable, based on the most popular visual coding languages. Great for code learning or automated games. Blocks Engine 2 is a complete project to create games with a runtime visual block-coding interface that enables players to use blocks to code in your games/applications.

comes with more than 40 blocks, an interface for selecting blocks by category, a variable viewer and creator, a block code serializer (save/load), an event manager, and a 3D environment for playing code.

This engine expands the possibilities of games through creative mechanisms. Makes it possible for players to code their own way in the game and learn valuable programming concepts through the use of friendly tools.

This project can be used to create educational, code learning games, jigsaw puzzles or automated games where players need to build their own code to control objects in the scene using visual block coding.

Blocks Engine 2 is an upgraded version of the previous Play Mode Blocks Engine. It is more powerful, faster, easier to customize and build to allow for more block possibilities, still maintaining a layout and rules similar to the most popular block coding languages.

This engine integrates the power of visual block coding and the Unity engine, including the possibility of deployment for multiple platforms.