Unity插件 – 游戏任务系统 Quests 2 | Game Creator 2

file size: 689.1KB

version: 2.3.8

Original Unity version: 2022.3.11 or higher

This module requires Unity 2022.1 and Game Creator 2 to run.

create tasks with complex subtasks that are intertwined and branch into different, completely different results! Or create simple tasks that follow a linear path. It’s all up to you!

-Each task is a separate asset

-Tasks are made up of a tree structure of tasks

-Each task can contain subtasks

-Tracking one or more tasks

-Defining world location as points of interest

-Automatic display of mini maps

with POIs-Including navigation compass examples

“””-Indicators are displayed at the top of the POI, and even


off the screen-complete logs and HUD

for each task is fully integrated with Game Creator’s visual scripts. Creating rewards after completing a task, generating events when activating a task, etc. are all pieces of cake!

attach a logging component to any object to allow them to track tasks. You can assign tasks not only to players, but also to any other character!


automatically save the progress of all tasks and add log memory to the remembering component.


source code examples and templates