, Unity插件 – 游戏导航仪插件 Compass Navigator Pro,


2023.09.25 updated plug-in version

file size: 4.3 MB

version: 9.0

original Unity version: 2020.3.16 or higher

Compass Navigator Pro is a powerful UI component (horizontal compass + mini-map HUD) commonly used in adventure, RPG and world exploration games. Used to display destinations and points of interest (POI) as well as text instructions.

this package includes:

rich and customizable compass bar (14 designs),

Minimap (12 styles + customization) + War Fog system,

11 unique hand-painted high-quality icons, each icon in 2 colors (a total of 22 icons),

5 audio clips for displaying effects.

main features:

– easy to use-drag and drop prefabricated parts!

-event system reacts to location discovery (see manual), icons that appear / disappear on compass or mini-map, mouse over / click mini-map icon, …

-easy to extend or understand. Use the Unity UI system.

-the API recorded. Including demonstration scenes and manuals.

horizontal bar and POI (points of interest) main features:

– customizable design and customizable compass bar with 14 artistic styles (round, angled, Celtic black and white, 4 fantasies, 6 sci-fi and customized), adjustable vertical position, bend, width, Alpha, edge fade and fade in / fade out influence.

-the compass UI bending option renders the curved compass bar.

-High resolution icons with customizable behavior (smooth fade in / fade out and zoom, accessed icons versus unaccessed icons, black and white variations).

-add your own icons or use icons contained in assets: caves, cities, docks, dungeons, forests, lighthouses, mines, boulders, palaces, towers, general.

-supports cardinality and ordinal points as well as half wind.

-you can focus on a POI so that its icon is always visible in the compass bar.

– if no POI is visible, you can choose to hide automatically.

-Integrated menu items can quickly create new POI game objects or attach POI components to existing game objects.

displays text and effects:

– displays animated text below or at the top of the compass bar when a new location is found.

– displays an optional title with a location prompt (above / below) and the distance of the center POI in the column (in meters).

-audio clips can be played when the location is found. Contains five high-quality sound clips.

-you can use two icon variants for each POI to distinguish between unexplored and explored locations.

Mini Map main features:

-optimized mini-map system that uses smart snapshots to capture maps only when needed. Highest performance.

-12 ready-to-use styles + customization: torn paper, solid box / circle, 6 fantasies, 3 sci-fi variants.

-configuration size, style, alpha, zoom range, camera snapshot mode and projection, zoom range, icon size, etc. Includes buttons for zooming in / out and maximizing.

-supports LUT textures for unlimited color customization.

– ability to display real-world views or custom user maps / textures.

– different mini-map styles.

– full screen mode.

– Map icon with optional text overlay.

-use the war fog feature to hide unexplored areas in the mini-map.

-clears the entire fog area according to the amount of fog, or easily clears the fog as the player passes through the area.