, Unity插件 – 游戏模板高级生存工具包 Advanced Survival Kit for Playmaker: FPS Game Template,


file size: 53.2 MB

version: 1.2.2

original Unity version: 2019.4.0 or higher

this is a very detailed FPS survival game.

all 3D models, sound effects, animation are included. There is no script. Only Playmaker FSM! It is completely customizable. Each Playmaker FSM is named and commented on. It’s easy to replace it with your own 3D model. You should always back up your project before downloading the new version. It is your responsibility to back up your project before updating.

Best function ️New ▶ Mobile Controller ️New ▶ clothing and Armored system ️New ▶ better demonstration scene ️inventory and process system ️Construction system ️State system (Health-Hunger-thirst-radiation-Endurance) ️Placable object system ️interaction system ️Day / Night cycle system ️High-level enemies AI ️Advanced Motion AI ️advanced “plunder area” system ️destructible objects ️50 + Collectibles ️in-game cheating console

details ️walk Running, jumping, crouching, lying prone Swimming and ladder system ️player effects (hunger-thirst-illness-bleeding-broken leg-drowning-hot-too cold) ️advanced damage detection (close / close hit-hot-cold-fall damage) ️detection type (line of sight-sound-hit) ️recoil system ️decal system ️customizable footstep system ️weapon slot system ️item quality system ️ Pool system ️seed plant system ️fishing system ️left / right peep system ️doll physical ️hit mark ️weapon rocking ️death picture and pause menu ️basic turret AI ️BOSS zombie AI and more.

objects that can be made and placed on the ️bed players can be reborn in bed by dying and pressing the home button. You can sleep at night. ️Campfire cooking source, when close to it Offset the freezing effect in turn ️Crate used to store items ️recycler is used to decompose items into raw materials ️repair desk to repair damaged items back to available state ️flashlight provides a little light

-install-change particles-change zombie model-change animal model-change resource objects (trees, stones, ores, Berry bushes)-add new weapons-add new available items-add new placeable items-add new handicrafts-add new homes for making hammers-add new items to recycle bins and maintenance desks-add new generatable items for booty areas-add new animal spawning sites -add new player generation location