Unity插件 – 游戏拖尾特效插件 Trails FX

2023.12.20 Updated version

File Size: 9.3 MB

Version: 4.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.16 or higher

“Trails FX renders smooth trails behind moving objects and characters.

It uses GPU instantiation and the right transparency order to create long trails that are engaging and perform wonderfully.

Trails FX provides multiple options that support the creation of a wide range of effects, including simple color tailing, rainbow texture stamps, and spatial distortion effects.


functions: Suitable for 3D and skinned mesh renderers. Compatible with standard/built-in and LWRP/URP pipelines. Easy to use. Add scripts to moving objects, customize behavior and the appearance of trailing. Create a configuration file to save and reuse settings. Effects can be rendered in edit and playback modes and scene attempts. Contains demonstration scenarios. Contains 100% source code.