Unity插件 – 游戏车辆控制器 Vehicle: Car

plug-in version: 1.0

This plug-in integrates car/four-wheel multi-person vehicle controllers into the MFPS, allowing you to add such vehicles to the game map to allow players to enter/exit these vehicles in the game and drive them on the map with other players. Passengers can also shoot from inside the car, making the game more exciting and engaging.


can be integrated in just 2 clicks; you can add any number of cars and any number of passenger seats per car. Adding new vehicle models and fully customizable attributes is easy.


■ Complete car/four-wheel vehicle controller.■ Two-button integration.■ Multiplayer game integration.■ Entering and exiting as a driver or passenger.■ Vehicle health.■ Vehicles are reborn.■ Vehicle collision damage.■ Passengers can take photos from inside the car.■ Easily add new models.■ Add as many passenger seats as necessary.■ Built-in documents.