Unity插件 – 生成器插件包 Ultimate Spawner 2.0 – Waves Add-On

file size: 772.0 KB

Version: 2.1.4

Original Unity Version: 2019.1.0 or later

Important Note-This asset is an additional asset and cannot be used as a stand-alone asset.

Please purchase Ultimate Spawner 2.0 before purchasing this asset. Ultimate Spawner 2.0-Waves Add-On is an extended asset of Ultimate Spawner 2.0 and adds the ability to create a wave-based generation system created through a multi-function node editor window. Features of




-Seamless integration with underlying assets.

-Create or edit waveform charts quickly and easily to obtain the desired spawning behavior.

-Highly versatile node editors for creating and editing wave generator logic diagrams.

-Includes many built-in wave nodes that allow an unlimited number of spawning species.

-Ability to create custom waveform nodes and then add them to the waveform diagram. – Suitable for 2D and 3D games.