Unity插件 – GI全局照明 Radiant Global Illumination

File size: 31.9MB

Version: 7.1.1

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.4 or higher

Radiant GI brings real-time global illumination of screen space to URPs and built-in pipes, creating more natural scenes.

Radiant GI is a full-screen post-processing effect that adds global lighting to the scene in real time, resulting in better lit and more natural-looking scenes.

global illumination refers to indirect/diffuse illumination caused by the reflection of light on any surface. In Unity, all real-time light sources (directional lights, spotlights, point lights) produce so-called “direct illumination” because they can only illuminate directly accessible surfaces. Indirect lighting refers to the lighting reflected by these objects, and some lighting can also be added to the scene (as happens in real life).

Radiant GI automatically calculates indirect light very quickly and combines it with regular Unity lighting. The result is a more pleasant scene that looks more realistic.