Unity插件 – GoogleVR 和 GearVR 相机设置 GoogleVR & GearVR Camera Setup

File size: 533.5 KB

Version: 1.6

Original Unity Version: 5.4.2 or higher

“-Compatible with GoogleVR 1.20-Compatible with Unity 5.5.1

* Not applicable to Unity 5.6, Or any “native” GoogleVR Unity version *

is great for mobile VR development, but porting between GoogleVR/Cardboard and GearVR can be time-consuming! This asset allows you to easily switch building goals between Google VR and Gear VR with a click.

-Easily switch between GoogleVR and GearVR-Compatible with multi-scene games-Gaze input system for both platforms-Platform-dependent compilation of GoogleVR / GearVR with custom #definitions.

from a new project: 1. Import the package and add the “Player” prefab. 2. Now just click the “VR Build Settings” option on the toolbar and select GoogleVR or GearVR.


make games compatible with GearVR and GoogleVR from scratch, or import existing projects.

inputs work with Unity’s event system through gaze, PointerEnter, PointerExit, PointerDown, PointerUp, PointerClick.