, Unity插件 – GPU 实例转化插件 GPU Instancer,


2024.05.20 update plug-in version

file size: 149.3 MB

version: 1.8.1

original Unity version: 2019.4.0 or higher

GPU Instancer is an out-of-the-box solution that can display a large number of objects with high performance. With just a few mouse clicks, you can instantiate your prefabricated parts, Unity terrain details and trees.

GPU Instancer is a tool that displays the exact number of objects on the screen with strong performance. With just a few mouse clicks, you can instantiate your presets, Unity terrain details and trees.

GPU Instancer provides easy-to-use tools that save you the hassle of learning to calculate shaders and GPU infrastructure, and easily instantiate with indirect GPU. At the same time, we provide API with detailed documentation to manage runtime changes.


-an out-of-the-box solution for complex GPU instantiation. -compatible with VR. Suitable for single-channel and multi-channel rendering modes. -compatible with mobile devices. For iOS and Android. -easy to use interface. -tens of thousands of objects can be quickly rendered with only one drawing call. -GPU cone culling. -GPU occlusion culling (also supports VR platforms with single-channel and multi-channel rendering modes). -Custom shaders that support automatic configuration. -supports standard, general-purpose, and HD rendering pipelines. -A complex preform can be instantiated with one click. -multiple subgrids are supported. -LOD groups and cross gradients are supported. (cross gradients are only supported in standard rendering pipelines)-automatic 2D billboard generation system (standard RP only). -Shadow casting and instance support (cone culling instances can still cast shadows). -you can use custom shadow distances according to the prototype, as well as select the LOD used to render shadows. -floating origin processing is supported. -multiple perspectives are supported. -A well-documented API that can be used for process scenarios and runtime modifications (including examples). -the ability to remove instances of boundaries or collisions at run time. -can be extended with custom calculation shaders. -A sample scenario showing the function of GPU instantiator.