Unity插件 – 图形控制插件 Graphics Control

File size: 4.4MB

Version: 1.1.2

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.19 or later

Use graphics controls (our modular and graphics controls) to set up graphics settings for your game in just a few minutes. An easy-to-use graphical settings management solution!


graphics controls provide you with an easy-to-use graphics settings management solution to help you improve your development. It comes with a library of commonly used settings such as resolution, vertical synchronization, full-screen mode, halo, grains, ambient light occlusion, etc. Our customizable panel UI prefab gives you ready-to-use UI panels and complete gamepads and keyboard input support. Graphics controls also come with a default save system for handling saving and loading user graphics settings.

But most importantly: Graphics Control is designed as a modular and scalable solution!

You can easily write your own custom settings, define how to use the graphics settings application to apply settings, and write custom storage components to make graphics controls that integrate perfectly with your existing solutions!