Unity插件 – 重力引擎 Gravity Engine

2023.06.16 Updated plug-in version

File size: 24.2 mb

Version: 11.0

Support Unity version: 2020.3.42 or higher

” The gravity engine provides a complete toolkit for space game physics effects.

-Add stars, planets and spacecraft interacting through gravitational N-body simulations or “rails””

-Design orbits based on shapes, View its path in the editor and scene

-Use clickable handles to manually change the orbit

-Reorbit/orbital rendezvous from any orbit to any orbit

-Graded rocket engine

-Earth’s atmosphere model

-Solar System Builder: Add any object


to the JPL database-using real-world units (km/AU, kg)

-Fully support for particles

-Highly precise double precision physics, you can choose algorithm/ Kepler evolution

-Control overall evolution speed, scaling and CPU use of

Scalable command line console in the scene, Used for developing and debugging


-Changing gravity to any force you design


requires no programming or mathematics.