Unity插件 – 网格放置系统 Grid Placement System

2024.03.21 Updated plug-in version

File Size: 3.3 MB

Version: 2.2.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.32 or higher

Grid Placement System allows players to easily place items on the grid at runtime. Ideal for city builders, tower defenses and various other types of items that players need to place. The

Grid Placement System is designed to be highly customizable and has ease of use at its core.

requires no object configuration. Pass an object to the grid and it will work! When the grid manager passes an object to be placed in a grid, it processes all calculations to determine how many grid cells it occupies.

customize all aspects of the grid. Settings include width and height, number of cells, visualization of grid cells, visualization of occupied cells, alignment of objects within their cells, visual feedback when placing items, and more!

Don’t like square grid cells? Can you change the sprite to display any shape you like, circles, triangles, dots?


are easy to use. Grid settings provide a place to customize everything related to the grid.

custom editor tool. Visualize changes you make to your grid settings in real time without entering playback mode.


are suitable for a wide range of genres. Examples include: tower defense, city construction, simulations, and anything that requires players to place items on a grid. The


display images use a 3D model from a third-party low polygon asset package. These models are not included in this package.