Unity插件 – 网格工作流程 MicroSplat – Mesh Workflow

File size: 2.4MB

Version: 3.9.25

Original Unity Version: 2017.1.0 or later

Added Features:

-Ability to use any mesh, not just Unity terrain and terrain meshes

-You can generate shaders to draw up to 32 textures on the mesh, texture support is controlled by splatter map

-(new) Contains an object shader module that allows you to create general shaders, such as standard shaders, or components with snow, humidity, Lighting shaders with functions such as Trax.

-(new) vertex drawing-based workflow that supports up to 28 textures and shares all functionality with the added texture support workflow.

-You can generate shaders to process existing materials, so you can keep the custom shader you currently use and draw a splatt map on it, or use a regular texture slot similar to the included standard shader as a stand-alone shader ”

-includes GPU-based painters for painting on grids, allowing you to paint with texture-based brushes, or even add your own brush textures.

-Vertex-based painters are also included in the vertex-based workflow

-Easily bake the results into a set of standard textures

-Most MicroSlap features and modules are available (see the documentation for exceptions. All module documentation is included in the freely downloadable MicroSpat-main module)

-Properly handle submeshes and UVs outside the 0-1 range in texture support mode.

-Some modules can be used for additional functions in mesh mode, such as using channels from the main texture to affect procedural textures of the runtime procedural texture module

-drawing displacement damping maps to support crack-free substitutions, and using subdivision modules

that can be used to support texture workflows-support URP/HDRP when installing the SRP adapter module.