Unity插件 – 毛发系统 HairStudio

File size: 4.5MB

Version: 1.4

Original Unity version: 2019.4.10 or later

Use a complete set of intuitive tools to create your own style. Infinite styles can be created directly in Unity without any artistic or modeling skills. Draw hair on any grid and start experiencing it immediately!


simulate and render thousands of locks of hair. This physics-based built-in renderer is inspired by the latest technology from Pixar and AMD to draw and animate perfect and realistic hair in an instant. You don’t like reality? Just overload any automatic value and you can achieve the effect you want.


quickly learn about the complete text documents, video tutorials and presentation scenarios we provide, and will demonstrate and explain each feature one by one. A large number of exercise examples are included!

performance! The simulated hair load is huge, but HairStudio is very fast! High-performance shaders, carefully optimized code, automatic levels of detail…hair can now be added to every corner of the game.

does not yet support URP