Unity插件 – 层次结构美化插件 vHierarchy

File size: 546.7 KB

Version: 1.0.21

Original Unity version: 2020.3.0 or higher

Unlike other hierarchical assets, vHierarchy is:

-Minimum: No gimmicks or visual clutter

-Customizable: Any feature can disable


-Optimization: No editor lag

-Safe: There are no hidden game objects, Will not mess up your project after uninstall


Component minimap

-See the components listed on the right

-Alt-Click the component icon to open the component editor pop-up window

“Custom icons and colors

– Highlight game objects

-Create separators or folders

shortcut key (Mouse operates game objects, No selection required)

-Press A to switch active

-Press F to focus

-Press X to delete

-Press E to expand or collapse

-Press Shift-E to expand only one object

-Press Ctrl-Shift-E folds all content