Unity插件-高性能智能灵活AI游戏开发插件RV Honor Ai

Current version: 0.9b Compatible version: Supports 2019.2.1 or higher File size: 5MB

HonorAI is the ultimate high-performance and flexible AI solution that allows you to extend the behavior provided without coding. Add lively characters to your game with just a few clicks!


Inexperienced developers can quickly and easily set up AI with just a few clicks, while more advanced users can enjoy a well-written modular code base, the flexibility and extensibility of the entire system. The special thing about

Honor AI is that the AI logic is not hard-coded, but is designed in AI graphics and can be freely modified according to your needs.

Thanks to solutions like this, Honor AI is the only AI solution feature on the Asset Store that solves the age-old problem of having to choose between inflexible off-the-shelf products or low-level frameworks that do not provide game readiness, because it provides the benefits of both without any compromise!

HonorAI handles the most difficult AI-related challenges, allowing you to focus on making games!

HonorAI provides you with all the necessary AI systems:

sports, spatial awareness, perception, combat, relationships, animation, audio, productivity tools and more!

official website link: assetstore.Unity.com/packages/tools/ai/rv-honor-ai-188764