Unity插件 – 高光系统 Highlighting System

file size: 5.9MB

version: 5.0

support Unity version: 2017.2.0 or later

Highlighting System package allows you to easily integrate contour lighting effects for highlighted objects in Unity projects. Key features of


:·Used as image effects on camera·Compatible with forward and delayed rendering paths, HDR, gamma and linear color spaces, GPU instances·Original renderer materials remain unchanged (sharedMaterials will remain shared)· VR: Compatible with single-channel (fast) stereoscopic rendering methods·Fully compatible with LODGroup components·Available for static and skinned meshes Three highlighting modes of


are available: 1. Hover is used to highlight objects under the mouse cursor.

2. Tween helps focus on specific objects (such as tutorial projects).

3. Constant (optional fade-in/fade-out) can be used to continuously highlight objects (such as selectable items or currently selected objects).