, Unity插件 – 骑行系统插件 Horse Animset Pro (Riding System),


2024.06.03 updated plug-in version

file size: 228.6 MB

version: 4.4.4c

support Unity version: 2020.3.30 or higher

Horse Animset Pro (HAP) is a set of animation framework and cycling system controller, based on root motion, suitable for any humanoid character. The resource started out like a simple horse model and animation package, but through continuous development, it has become a powerful and flexible riding controller. It includes a base role controller from standard resources, but can be used with a more advanced role controller you create, or with any amazing role controller (TCP or FPC) in the store.

the resource kit is constantly expanding, with more features and animation coming out with each update!


– 80 animation clips

– 2 horse styles (realistic, polygonal art)

– multiple texture sets



– armor, Reins and saddles

-Unity cloth simulations for reins and horse bristles cannot be used for Unity 2019


-basic footstep system (footprint sound and footprint particles)

-animal controller

for managing all Malbers Animations creatures-status: swimming, falling, jumping, attack, death, walking, jogging, jogging Sprint

-directional damage system


-basic lens input

-terrain correction

-support NavMesh Agent. Basic AI

-Mobile friendly


-132animation clips (available for humanoid character setting (for better compatibility)

-cowboy model

with 1 texture set-cyclists system (TCP and FPC)

-cyclists combat system: bow and arrow, pistol, melee (upcoming spears, rifles, magic items, projectiles)

-very basic inventory system Used to demonstrate the compatibility of the cyclist-combat system with external inventory.


– material changer

– mixed shape manager

– mesh changer

– animator message behavior

– animator sound behavior

– head aiming

– weapon (model, Texture and script)

-basic animal AI

-basic lens setup system with lens status.

-compatible with all Malbers animals