Unity插件 – 悬停车辆系统 Hover Vehicle System

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Version: 1.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.1.12 or later

hovering vehicle system is designed to be used with any game object. It is suitable for hovering bicycles and cars. Easy to understand, simple and extensible script. The

hovering vehicle system is designed to work with any game object, and it can turn any grid object into a hovering vehicle.

is very easy to use. Setup takes only 1 minute. Efficient and suitable for mobile and VR. Suitable for hovering bicycles and hovering cars. Not just a hover system, you can also let your vehicle fly. Automatic detection of the ground when approaching the ground. Use rigid bodies so that the vehicle responds to other physical collisions and forces. Please note for

: Car and bicycle models are not provided in the packaging.