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File Size: 45.0 MB Version: 1.39c Support: Unity Version 5.1.0 or higher

Hydroform Water Systems have AAA quality and performance built by industry professionals.

-Amplitude, frequency, velocity, wave complexity, etc. can be modified in real time-Easy to integrate and maintain-Runs in the editor and looks the same as game mode-Simple, flexible, and fast Hydroform

Ocean System is a realistic rendering of coastline:

-Coast detection is automatic-just put water in it! – Waves shed in shallow water, so high-amplitude waves do not go beyond the coastline-Animated bubbles rendered on the coastline can fully control the color, depth, speed and frequency of the foam-Refraction

Other features: – Volume culling to remove unwanted ocean areas-Fine-grained control of performance-Set vertex density, wave complexity, and patch size to suit almost any target platform-A truly infinite ocean-It will always render to any far plane distance without having any additional performance impact-Great for flying games/simulations-Plenty of controls for different appearance oceans-Screen space reflections (Super fast in high-complexity scenarios!) – Subsurface scattering-Deep water white hat-Fast altitude query-No use of picky calculation shaders-Looks great at close and long distances-Full control of shallow and deep water colors-Control wave damping in shallow water

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