Unity插件 – IK动画交互处理程序 Interaction Handler for IK

File size: 232.5 MB

Version: 0.95a

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.0 or later

Interactor is designed to create new interactions (in a matter of seconds) that involve body movements without the need for any animation files. Together with InteractorIK, but also has a one-button switch that fully integrates Final IK. Programmable rendering pipeline (srp) compatibility

describes Interactor’s design covering all aspects of any type of interaction, from the design phase of the editor to handling complex interactions at runtime.


include editor tools that simplify the process of preparing a fully interactive environment. At runtime, it can process which parts of the player will interact with which parts of the interacting object, while using its own IK to animate the player’s bones. It comes with InteractorIK, but also has a one-click switch to fully integrated Final IK.

You can switch between the two in seconds with a simple click.