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Unity插件 – 无限地图地形生成器 MapMagic 2 Bundle + 教程

Version update: File size: 260.9 MB Version: 2.1.09 Supported Unity version: 2019.2.0 or higher

MapMagic is a node-based program and unlimited game map generator. With the help of graphics and node workflows, playable and aesthetically pleasing terrain of any size can be created in minutes. It also supports creating endless maps by generating new terrain in game mode. The Bundle contains modules that can place objects, biomes and roads. Each node on the


graphs represents a terrain or object generator: noise, voronoi, blending, curves, erosion, etc. Once nodes are connected, a miracle occurs: game maps can be created without any human involvement.


have special nodes that can be used (however, 100% compatibility cannot be guaranteed since final asset changes and various functions and modules are not considered): In fixed (non-dynamic) mode: All assets use standard Unity terrain.

This asset comes with the complete source code.