Unity插件 – 交互插件 Brute Force – Grass Shader

File size:21.9 MB


Support Unity version:2017.4.6 or later

Create amazing grass using the Brute Force interactive grass shader for PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

are compatible with standards, URP and HDRP (Light baking feature is still in WIP)


-Multi-compatibility: Available for PC/Mac/Linux/Nintendo Switch and mobile devices

-Any pipeline: Available for built-in, URP and HDRP

-Simple: Drag and drop materials

-Optimization: Custom LoD Distance Attenuation for each material

-Dynamic custom shadows: Grass that can receive and cast shadows

-Interaction: Using a simple particle system, you can create interactive effects such as trajectory

-Customization: Fully customizable grass

-Lighting support: 4x lighting and spotlight support

-Terrain: Draw grass using texture SpatMap.

/!\ Terrains for Mac and mobile are not yet supported, but now support other terrain type assets Please read the terrain documentation

-VR support: Suitable for multi-channel and single-channel stereoscopic rendering

-Fur: Can also be used as simple fur on animals

-Shell Textures: Grass assets use shell texture technology