Unity插件 – 交互式地图集 Task Atlas – Tasks, Stickies, Maps, Reference Galleries and more

2024.01.12 Updated version

File size: 129.8 MB

Version: 3.2

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.13 or later

turns your scene into an interactive atlas that makes all your tasks clearly visible. 2D/3D sticky tasks, bookmarks, time tracking and more!

In this fast-paced, high-risk world of game development, you can’t forget anything. Finally, a unique, fun and effective way to plan levels in the Unity Editor!

Key Features:

Here’s how Task Atlas will help you overcome difficulties, stay motivated and inevitably lead you to rock star success and the admiration of all those who dare to roll their eyes at you.

landmarks: By classifying the entire scene into landmarks that can be marked and stuffed with tasks, always know what you’re going to do next

ATLAS Mode: Never miss any details and feel like God View your creations from above through the innovative Atlas Mode

reference gallery: Import images into the reference gallery so you can better replicate real-life cities, rivers or waterfalls, or anything else!

screen tabs: Use screen tabs to track where you are currently located, which can be colored and faded with distance (or always turned on)

Bookmarks: Just click on the screenshot of Landmark and you can immediately browse your work

Time Management: By enabling time tracking for sticky tasks, you can see if you are too attached to a task or not enough for

sticky tasks: Put sticky tasks in blank areas to remind yourself of what to build there later

2D and 3D modes: Run seamlessly in 3D perspective/2D mode at the same time!